“One sees well only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.” Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Erika Bergner MAS PHSG

Business Coach (PCC-Coach of the ICF and certified coach according to ISO 17024), organization and team consultant (certified organizational consultant, supervisor BSO, MAS PHSG), conflict facilitator (mediator SDM-SFM), trainer (certified adult educator higher professional education HF)

fields of activity

Erika Bergner is working hypno-systemic and solution focused, always creating awareness on the competences of here clients for helping them to transformation. Creating a good relationship is always the first step.


  • Executive coaching career coaching and conflict coaching
  • Solution focussed help in a VUCA world
  • Supervision and teaching supervision/mentoring
  • Lecture and training at the university in Tiblisi

 Mediation and Conflictmanagement

  • Mediation in organizations and in teams
  • Always triing to find egalitarian solutions

 Team developement

  • Team-development, especially in combination with outdoor-activities

Organisation develpoement

  • Designing processes for change and organizational development and facilitating and supporting the transfer into practical application
  • Creating designs for the future, e.g. vision and mission processes

Training and lecture

  • Workshops on different topics e.g. life phases, salutogenesis and resilience, public health, conflict management, accompaniment in crises, communication, change management, self-development and coaching
  • Integrating health-awareness, sensitivity to different phases of life and intercultural aspects into projects where applicable

customers and industries

Most clients are from institutes and organisations, which are active in the fields of health and social aspects, elderly home institutions, public schools
She regularly hold lecture at the University in Tbilisi, Georgia
Coaching: all professionals
  • Service companies and trade:
    SVA Schaffhausen (CH), University of Zurich, Language Center (CH), Swiss Social Archive (CH) BLS (CH), Farms (CH)
  • Education:
    University of Tbilisi, Georgia (GE), Bern University of Applied Sciences (CH), Academy of Adult Education (CH), Trigon Coaching Course Leader Zurich (CH)
  • health care:
    Maternal and Paternal Counseling (CH), Besa Care AG (CH), Spitex (Spitalexterne Health and Nursing) in Gossau (CH), Grüningen (CH), Wetzikon (CH) and Hinwil (CH), Geriatric Health Centers of the City Graz (A), retirement centers (Stäfa (CH), Dietlikon (CH), Zurich (CH) and many more), school, employment and residential homes for handicapped children, adolescents and adults (Balm Rapperswil Foundation (CH), Schmetterling Cham (CH ), Sonnhalde Gempen (CH), Foundation Bühl Wädenswil (CH) Frankenthal Zurich (CH)) Hospitals (Männedorf (CH), Triemli (CH) Havelhöhe (D))
  • Industry:
    Strabag AG (CH)
  • Administration and NPOs:
    HEKS (CH), Caritas (CH), Daycare Centers (Uster (CH), Ebikon (CH)) Schools (Lucerne (CH), Uster (CH), Zurich (CH), Berufskolleg Lüttfeld (D))

Erika Bergner MAS PHSG

born 1957 in Zürich, Switzerland.
Erika Bergner is a consultant for organizational and social development and has a diploma in supervision BSO.
Further she is a Mediator SDM-SFM. As a PCC coach, she is a member of the International Coaching Federation and has a diploma in teaching adults.
She worked several years in Public Health Services and has experience in nursing and as an executive officer of a nursing department.
She also has broad experience in other service companies in the retail trade, travel agencies and banking.
Since 1991 she has been self-employed as a consultant in organisational development and in accompanying and training people in profit- and non-profit-organizations.
In 2007 she became a member of Trigon Cooperative Graz/Luzern.

Lives in Uster, near Zürich, Switzerland.

Interests: Activities in nature e.g. gardening, walking, skiing, biking, bird watching and yoga.