Mindful, social and systemic leadership
"In every man there is a king. Speak to the king, and the king will answer you." (German proverb)
Managers are confronted with increasing complexity and ever new economic challenges.

To be successful, they need organizational, social and personal skills. To fully live up to a leadership role, in addition to organizational competence, it is necessary to develop into a leader with mental, social and systemic competence. Trigon supports the development of managers with concepts and methods that have been tried and tested in practice.

Trigon works with a four-field model, which offers managers a clear orientation on the action fields of leadership. The tension between today’s current situation and the desired future supports the development of leadership capacity.

The four fields of leadership

  • In each of the four fields, different development questions arise for a manager.
  • The “Self” field, for example, deals with questions such as: my intuition, my value orientation, my authenticity, my commitment, my personal goals, how I deal with my shadow.
  • The four design fields of leadership form two pairs of polarities (organization – environment; Self – others), they take up the basic leadership dimensions of task and relationship orientation.

Our consulting services in the field of leadership

  • Developing managers
  • Advise managers
  • Mindful leadership
  • In-house development programs for executives
  • Management principles and cooperation guidelines
  • Collegial leadership and self-organization
  • Advising top management on strategy development, merger support, change processes
  • Support after the assumption of a new management function
  • Resilience and burnout prophylaxis
  • Potential analyses, 360° feedback, employee surveys