Reality is just a part of the possible.

Friedrich Dürrenmatt

Anja Köstler

Organizational consultant, executive trainer, (conflict) coach, mediator BM® / BMWA® and trainer Mediation BM® / teaching trainer Mediation BMWA ®, trainer for Mindful Leadership

Fields of consulting

Anjas field of work compounds organizational change, management development and conflict management - among others with organizations and enterprises towards agile transformation. She trains and researches in the topics of conflict/mediation as well as leadership, empowerment, decision-making and mindfulness /mindful leadership / mindful organization.
  • Conflict Management / Mediation: individuals / teams / large groups
    specialties: cross-hierarchical conflicts; management and works council; conflict-coaching


  • Change Management / Innovation: intelligent structures of organizations for the future (agile approaches, self-guidance, self-organization); core- concepts of leadership and the role of decision making and communication processes in organizations


  • Teambuilding / Teamdevelopment


  • Professional Training in Conflict Management for mediators, HR, executive staff, internal counselors; implementation of conflict-management-systems; role of conflict and conflict resolution in agile enterprises


  • Management and Executive Development: Training and Coaching
    – Self-efficacy in the leadership-role
    – Cohesive leadership – Leadership in the VUCA-World, under conditions of instability and
    – Mindful leadership – presence and awareness as core competences for the future
    – Empowerment and control – essential polarities in leadership
    – Decision-making in teams


  • Mindfulness and Mindful Organization




Customers (Selection)

Anja works for international companies /organization, in medium-sized enterprises, in public authorities, - local, regional, international.

Audi AG, Augustinum München, Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Arbeit und Soziales, Burda, Continentale AG, Deutsches Patent-und Markenamt, Erzbischöfliches Ordinariat, Fraport, Fraunhofer Institut, ING-DiBa, kbo, Knott AG, Lapp Group, Loheland Stiftung, Mayflower GmbH, Swiss Re, Versicherungskammer Bayern, Universität Witten/Herdecke.


Extended consultant profile

Anjas main focus is to identify appropriate and coherent solutions for the specific requirements of the client system. Along that way she places emphasis on:
* empowerment of the whole system, using the knowledge of all involved for development

* a clear and common understanding of responsibility and its realization.

Born in Munich in 1961.

Studied social education and adult education.

Many years of management experience in Germany and the USA.

Further education: Organisational and personnel development / mediation – clarification assistance – cooperative practice – conflict management / communication – intercultural competence.

Since 2001 Mediator BM® and trainer Mediation BM®, member of the Recognition Commission in the BM e.V.

Since 2017 mediator BMWA® and teaching trainer Mediation BMWA®.

Since 2009 self-employed mediator, organizational developer, trainer for business, authorities, service and social organizations.

Partner at Trigon Munich since 2017.

Interests: Literature, swimming, sports, music, theatre, cabaret, travelling, yoga, ZEN.

Married, two adult children, lives on the outskirts of Munich.

Köstler: „Mediation“, UTB/Ernst-Reinhardt-Verlag, München 2010

Köstler/Bauer-Mehren: „Der Konflikt weiß alles besser“, Stuttgart 2012

Köstler: „Das ist Mobbing!“, in: Die Wirtschaftsmediation 2/2013

Köstler: „Next Level Leadership“, in: Trigon Themen 1/2016;

Köstler: „Vom Personenkonflikt zur Zukunftsgestaltung der Organisation“, in: Trigon Themen 3/2017

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