A learning organization is a place where people continually discover that they are creating their own reality. And that they can change it.
(Peter M. Senge)

Brigitta Hager

Management consultant, management coach, process facilitator, trainer and mediator

Professional areas

My consulting work is characterized by a holistic, integrative approach. Implementation and practical aspects are based on clear concepts. I combine my joy of new challenges with many years of experience. I work at all company levels – from the micro level (coaching and mediation) to the meso level (team development and divisional strategy) and macro level (mission statements, vision and cultural work, and merger support).
  • Leadership development
    The design, management, and implementation of comprehensive leadership programs for executives at all levels in all industries and companies of all sizes. Using current forms of learning such as learning trips, shadowing, e-platforms, etc.
  • Organizational development and innovation
    Consulting and support for holistically designed processes that take into account the situation of the company as well as the needs of customers, employees, and other stakeholders. Applying current approaches in the areas of self-management, collegial leadership, or agile management
  • Area and team workshops
    Increasing efficiency in teams, defining the rules of the game for (virtual) teams, cooperation at interfaces, the clear alignment of processes with customer benefits, division strategy, the clarification of roles, conflict resolution in teams, and supporting innovation processes
  • Personnel development and potential analysis
    360° feedback, the design and management of assessment centers, potential analyses (e.g. applying the Symbolon method®), target agreement and employee interviews, PE strategy, positioning PE in the company, development to become an HR business partner, OE qualifications for personnel developers
  • Visions, mission statements and corporate culture
    Large group events and the development of corporate culture
  • Workshops and seminars
    Conflict Management, Leadership, Innovation, Team Development, Customer Orientation, Change Management
  • Moderation
    of team, department, management and executive board meetings
  • Mediation
    Conflict management and mediation in teams and organizations as well as between individuals in a business context
  • Coaching
    executives and high potentials, group/team coaching and agile coaching

Extended consultant profile

  • Born in 1962, in Steyr, Upper Austria
  • Degree in theology, education consultant, personnel developer, psychotherapist, self-employed as management consultant since 1996
  • Training and further education in organizational development, transactional psychotherapy, supervision and systemic coaching, systemic structural constellations, mediation, solution-focused communication, hypnotherapeutic communication and trauma therapy, potential analysis applying the Symbolon® method
  • Lives in St. Florian near Linz

Publications (in German):

  • Leitbildarbeit als identitätsstiftender Prozess bei Fusionen, in: Public Merger: Strategien für Fusionen im öffentlichen Sektor, Gabler 2004
  • Basisprozesse bei Post-Merger-Integration, in: Professionelle Prozessberatung, Freies Geistesleben 2014
  • Wir haben keinen Konflikt, in: Mut zur Konfliktlösung, Concadora Verlag 2014

Articles on Trigon issues (in German):

Customers and lines of business

  • Service, Trade
  • Finance
  • Health
  • Social Profit, Education
  • Public area
  • Industry