Trigon - Development

Mission and Philosophy

We are a group of more than 40 consultants in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. We accompany executives and teams in the development of new strategies, in change processes, in uncertain and safe times. It is our concern to support people and organizations professionally in order to find optimal solutions together.

What is important to us

  • We support innovations and also pursue unconventional ways.
  • Our proposals and strategies are transparent and comprehensible.
  • We are committed to sustainable and responsible solutions.
  • We strive for balance and multipartiality in our work.
  • We are constantly working on our own professionalism and creativity.

How we understand our work

People with their ideas and design potential are at the centre of our consulting services. Companies and organizations are made and changeable by people, they are “alive” and develop and change according to specific patterns.

We advise and accompany people and organizations in mastering their respective challenges. Sometimes small steps are sufficient, often larger and more complex changes and developments are necessary.