Organizational Development

Successful growth, sustainable design
Trigon supports organizations in development, change and innovation processes as well as in complex decision-making and leadership situations.

It is important for us to accompany the respective organization in such a way that it develops its ability to shape future changes more and more on its own. Our work is based on holistic concepts. We consider the technical/instrumental, social and cultural aspects of an organization. Only the interaction of these three “subsystems” enables sustainable development and more and more self-organized development.

Ten points that are important to us:

  • We develop and shape together with the people concerned.
  • We understand change as a permanent process: phases of “calm” and change (“turbulence”) merge into one another.
  • We strengthen the ability and agility of organizations to change. This is why we work closely with internal consulting and support systems.
  • We care for the coherence of path and goal.
  • In our experience, independence, entrepreneurial action and self-organization can only be achieved if the people affected can experience the new values and attitudes for themselves during the change process.
  • We design organizational development processes as quickly as possible and as deeply as necessary. Fast procedures can make sense and achieve great impact through a precise action. The change of old cultural patterns and well-rehearsed behaviors needs time and depth work.
  • We combine process and expert consulting where appropriate.
  • We see development and process consulting as an open approach: This allows current specialist knowledge to flow into the respective topic in an (integrative) change process.
  • We provide support during implementation, because the degree and quality of implementation is a decisive measure of the success of organizational development projects.
  • We make sure that implementation steps take place during the entire process.


Our services in the area of organizational development

  • Developing a corporate culture
  • Shaping the future
  • Develop teams and areas
  • Entrepreneurs become part of the company
  • Agile Organizational Transformation
  • Optimize processes
  • Post Merger
  • Building cooperation and networks
  • Shaping sustainable development
  • Organizational resilience