„Few of us have lost our mind, but most of us have lost our bodies.“
(Ken Wilber)

Fields of Acitivity

The focus in my work is the human being – as part of an organization and as an individual with its different dimensions. My core themes are both developing in the sense of “seeing (or sensing) more clearly and then going one step further” as well as transforming in the sense of “transforming the past into something new”. I work for and with organisations, teams, groups and individuals, in-house, in seminar hotels and in the snow.

  • Organisational Development
    and transformation processes for organizations and moderation and/or steering those processes as facilitator.
  • Leadership Development
    Designing and implementing development programs for managers in the context of changing goals, structures and challenges with a goal-oriented focus, e.g. attitude, leadership style, understanding of roles.
    Coaching for executives.
  • Team Development
    Accompany and support teams in customer-specific settings, e.g. in the form of learning trips, as a workshop on a ski slope or directly in own working environment.
  • Talent Development
    Development programs for talents, experts, young professionals and other defined target groups on a customer-specific basis.
    Train-the-Trainer activities for internal personnel developers.
    Coaching for individual contributers.
  • Self Management
    Transformation processes of individuals by utilising the interplay of mind and body (embodiment) in the form of training and individual coaching, in seminar rooms or in the snow.
  • Moderation
    of retreats, workshops, departmental or team meetings.
  • Favorite Topics
    Decision-making as a core competence – especially in self-organized teams and groups
    Embodiment – the interplay of body, psyche, cognition and external world


Branches and Clients

Trade and Services, e.g. HR Pioneers, IWB, Kabel TV Lampert, Namics, Otto Group, REWE

Social Profit, Public Sector and Education, e.g. Deutscher Skiverband, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Fachhochschule Salzburg,  IllerSenio, Integra, Interski International, Ostschweizer Fachhochschule, TU Graz, Vorarlberger Krankenhaus-Betriebsgesellschaft

Industrie and Production, e.g. LehmTonErde, Omicron, Röfix, Roche, Swarovski


Andrea Spieth

Born 1968 in Stuttgart, Germany. University studies in the subjects German language and literature and sports science at the University of Konstanz, graduating with a second state examination and teaching qualification for grammar school.

Start into professional life in the field of media and PR. From 2000 to 2016 various internal functions in Human Resoruces a focus on HR management, personnel development and organisational development. Eight years leadership experience in middle management.

Since 2016 self-employed in the fields of organisational consulting, training and coaching with focus on embodiment, since July 2018 partner of Trigon Entwicklungsberatung.

Voluntary work in the training and further education of ski instructors.

Lives in Feldkirch, Vorarlberg.

“For me, life is learning, working, moving and letting go (in changing order), preferably in the mountains, in a seminar room or on the yoga mat. I learn from Gunther Schmidt (Milton-Erickson Institute), Stephen Gilligan, Matthias Varga from Kibéd & Insa Sparrer (SySt Institute), Rolf Krizian (Scola Academy), from and with Trigon colleagues and from numerous people with whom I have worked as a trainer, coach, colleague, employee, manager, ski instructor or simply as Andrea.