"Be the change, you want to see in the world."
(Mahatma Gandhi)

Dipl.phil.nat. Edoardo Ghidelli

Coach, Supervisor and Consultant in Organisations, Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education BSO, Team Developer, University Lecturer, Trainer, founder of reseau Syllogos in the French part of Switzerland

fields of activity

Edoardo Ghidelli works successfully with organisations, teams and individuals who want to recognise their development potential and work on it.
  • Coaching of executives, employees and individuals. Determining one’s current position, forming one’s own will, including explanatory models for a better understanding of one’s own will. Life phase coaching, expansion of possibilities with the help of existing resources.
  • Organisational development processes in companies, NGOs, administrations and schools. Holistic development with the inclusion of existing resources, will formation and implementation. Support in building the necessary competencies for the future and in dealing with people in change. Work on corporate culture.
  • Organisational development processes with intercultural challenges. Assessment of one’s own intercultural maturity and further development for the benefit of employees, customers and partners.
  • Teaching and training in-house and at universities in OD, leadership and conflict management. Practice-oriented learning.
  • Accompaniment of teams in situations of change and development.
  • Supporting HR departments in implementing management tools, surveys and development programs.
  • Accompaniment in German, French and Italian.
  • Accompaniment including systemic, hypnosystemic and trigon models.

customers and industries

Since 30 years lecturer for personality oriented subjects and organizational development at different schools (fhnw, bfh, hsl, State University Tbilisi, Feusi Bildungszentrum).

40 years of professional experience as employee and manager in various organizations.

Since 15 years support of NGO’s (cfd, Caritas, swissaid), universities (bfh, zhaw), production companies (LEM, Weleda DE/F/CH), service companies (Post, Allianz Suisse, Hotela), transport companies, logisticians (Die Schweizerische Post), European companies (Spar, Stabilo), administrations (Stadtverwaltung Baden, Etat du VS), hospitals (CHUV, Insel) etc.

Founding member of the «réseau Syllogos», a French-speaking network for organizational development – www.syllogos.ch