Very often social conflicts stem from
failed attempts to develop. If people
dare to confront with the conflicts
and to work on them in a constructive
way amazing steps of development
become possible.

Friedrich Glasl, Dr. Dr.h.c.

Visiting Prof. at University Tbilisi (GE), conflict researcher, mediator, organization development consultant

Working areas

My consulting process starts by investigating the goals and pupose of the organization, the various processes and structure. The need for change often becomes manifest through conflicts. If the people chose for mediation their resources for fundamental innovations become activated.
  • Conflict management and mediation in organizations
    For mediation within teams and between groups and in the organization as a whole an approach is required that complies with the unique situation in the team and the organization.
  • Trainings for conflict management
    Tailor-made trainings for managers, project-leaders or representatives of work-councils can be given for 1 oder more days, depending on the concrete situation.
  • Trainings to qualify mediators and/or conflict-coaches
    We can provide complete trainings according to the legal requirements for mediators (EU, Austria, Germany, Switzerland) – in most cases in cooperation with universities.
  • Development of conflict management systems in organizations
    In order to meet severe challenges as an organization through a participative process we develop a system for dealing with tensions to prevent any further escalation. Such systems include an early warning system and specific functions and procedures for the prevention of escalation and for constructive management of conflicts.
  • Consultation and coaching for peace processes
    In cooperation with experts of the regional cultures in the areas of crisis or war strategies for stopping violence and for peace building can be designed and implemented.
  • Films for trainings in conflict management and mediation
    More then 50 years of experience in conflict research, teaching and mediation are available as films in which practical interventions are demonstrated in real life cases and in simulated conflicts.

Some clients

During the last years the clients for trainings, consulting and mediation services were Airport (Fraport) Frankfurt – BMW AG – Continental (Tyres) AG – Deutsche Bank AG – GIZ – Government of Armenia – Göttingen University – Hamburg Universities – OSCE – Porsche Holding – Teaching Hospital University Salzburg – UNHCR etc.

Published several books on organization development and conflict management, some translated to 14 different languages.

Received the German Socrates Award for Mediation in 2014,

the International Mediation Award WinWinno in 2015 and

the International Life Achievement Award in 2017.


Publications from Friedrich Glasl:

Konflikt, Krise, Katharsis. Stuttgart 2008

Mit Dudley Weeks: Die Kernkompetenzen für Konfliktmanagement und Mediation. Stuttgart 2009

Mit Rudi Ballreich: Konfliktmanagement und Mediation in Organisationen. Stuttgart 2011

Selbsthilfe in Konflikten. Bern/Stuttgart/Wien 2015

Konfliktfähigkeit statt Streitlust und Konfliktscheue. Dornach 2015

Mephistos Lektionen. Dornach 2017

Konfliktmanagement. Bern/Stuttgart/Wien 2020


Films for training from Friedrich Glasl

Mit Rudi Ballreich: Konfliktbearbeitung mit Teams und Organisationen. 5 DVDs, Stuttgart 2010

Heiße und kalte Konflikte in Organisationen. DVD mit Booklet, Stuttgart 2012

Affektlogik und Schwellenerlebnisse in der Konflikteskalation. DVD, Stuttgart 2016

Die Praxis des entwicklungsorientierten Systemansatzes in der Organisations- und Konfliktberatung. DVD, Stuttgart 2017