Where there is danger, there is also the one who saves. (Hölderlin)

Herbert Salzmann

Development supporting for humans and organizations

Fields of activity

  • Leadership development programs
  • Coaching people in leadership positions
  • Transformation of organisational cultures
  • Organisation development and accompanying learning organisations

Customers and sectors in A, D und CH

  • Service sector: leadership development and leadership coaching for Marché international, a fresh and healthy food chain with restaurants at airports and highway resting areas in Europe, Asia and Canada.
  • Industry: leadership seminars and organisation development processes at Omicron, Best Place to Work 2010, worldwide market leader for electronic relays applied by energy providers.
  • Craftmanship: wholistic organisation development programme and transformation of the company into a learning organisation at Dorfinstallateur Vorarlberg, a cooperative craftmanship model, received various national rewards.
  • Social Profit: organisational development for Caritas and Lebenshilfe Tirol, Waldorfschule Havelhöhe Berlin, Freie Schule Lindau
  • Lecturer at the university of Innsbruck: Institute für psychosocial intervention and communication research: dynamics in organisations, project and social skills, consulting and coaching. Institute for comparative literature: management and art. MCI-Management-Center Innsbruck: teambildung.