"Panta rhei" - Everything flows!
Both people and organisations are exposed to permanent change - it is my concern to accompany and support both, to deal with it in the best possible way and to fully develop one's own potentials, resources and competences!

Mag. Werner A. Leeb CMC

Active as management consultant, trainer (management, consultant qualification, coaching), coach, conflict consultant & psychotherapist

Fields of activity

Werner A. Leeb is active across industries in the areas of organisational and personnel development (cultural change, team development, potential diagnostics, implementation and support of PE ...) as well as in the qualification of executives, consultants and experts. In addition, he accompanies numerous executives and teams in coaching and also works as a registered psychotherapist (person-centred psychotherapy, hypnotherapy) in his own practice.
  • Organizational development
    Support of change processes in organizations with a focus on cultural change, strategic reorientation, structural and process adaptations, dealing with psychosocial areas of tension and conflict, securing the transfer of know-how, etc.
  • Personnel development
    Implementation and execution of management / leadership development programs, expert qualification, potential diagnostics (AC´s, testing, etc.) and potential promotion (coaching, training on/off the job, etc.), etc.
  • Team development & conflict management
    Support in team building and team development processes including conflict consulting and management in different settings (personal as well as organizational level of the conflict parties)
  • Qualification & Training
    Teaching and lead trainer for consultant qualifications (e.g. coaching workshop) as well as for internal management/leadership development programs and internal expert qualification (meta-competencies, soft skills…)
  • Moderation
    of team, department, management and executive board closed meetings
  • Coaching
    Coaching in different settings (individuals, teams, organizational units) and different subject areas (career orientation, role clarification, dealing with challenging and/or conflict situations, etc.) as well as ISO-17024-certified senior coach of the ACC-Austrian-Coaching-Council and mentor and teaching coach in the context of coaching trainings such as the Trigon-Coaching-Workshop.
  • Psychotherapy
    this is not offered in the context of Trigon, but in an own office – see also: www.psychotherapie-leeb.at

Customers and lines of business

  • Service, Trade
    Casinos Austria, Coca Cola Hellenic, Adventure Catering, bwin, Fraport Vienna, KPMG Linz, Quality Austria, Vögele, IKEA, ÖBB, öbv
  • Financial service provider
    BAWAG-PSK, Deniz Bank, ERSTE Bank, ERSTE Group, OeNB, NV-Niederösterreichische Versicherung, Raiffeisen Landesbank OÖ, RBI, S-Bausparkasse, Volksbank
  • Social and non-profit, educational institutions
    AMS Österreich, AMS NÖ, AUVA, BFI OÖ, Die Garten Tulln – Natur im Garten, ibis-acam, KWP-Kuratorium der Wr. Pensionistenhäuser, LJKH-Pottenstein, Neustart, SOS-Kinderdorf, International, Sparkassen-Akademie, TU-Graz, Universität f. Bodenkultur, Vertretungsnetz
  • Administration, politics, representation of interestsArbeiterkammern NÖ, OÖ, Stmk, Wien; AMS Zentrale & NÖ, Austrocontrol, Bundesrechenzentrum, Bundeskanzleramt, BMF, Die Grünen, eNu-Energie & Umweltagentur NÖ, Insolvenz-Entgeltsicherungs-Fond, Linz-AG, Politisches Kolleg ÖVP, Wr. Stadtwerke, WKÖ, Stadt Ybbs
  • Industry and production
    Agrana, Andritz, ASFiNAG, Bosch-Siemens-Haushaltsgeräte, BP-Austria, Ottobock, Siemens AG Österreich, STRABAG, Takeda Pharma, TIWAG, Wr. Lokalbahnen
  • IT and Telecommunications
    Alcatel SEL (D), AMSG, EUnet, Hutchison, NextiraOne, T-Mobile Austria, T-Systems, RSG, UC4

Extended consultant profile

Werner A. Leeb, CMC

Born 1965 in Krems a.d. Donau, Lower Austria

  • Studied business administration, business education and psychology in Vienna
  • Lecturer in business administration and information technology, then product manager and editor of a German specialist publishing house and editor-in-chief of an IT & management magazine.
  • Training in person-centred psychotherapists, Gestalt therapy and hypnotherapy; hypnosystemic coaching, counselling and team development training; in addition, further training in organisational and personnel development, counselling, coaching and training.

Since 1999 independent management consultant, management trainer, coach and psychotherapist, since 2001 co-owner and from 2002-2008 managing partner of Trigon-Entwicklungsberatung, Vienna

Certifications: CMC-Certified Management Consultant; Senior Coach of the ACC-Austrian Coaching Council; Mentor and Teaching Coach as well as Trainer of the Trigon Coaching-Werkstatt, ISO-17024 certified Coach

Publisher & author of various specialist publications

Lives in Krems a.d. Donau with family and 2 children

Books and book contributions

Werner A. Leeb (2007); Beitrag „Fehlerkultur“ im Loseblattwerk PersonalEntwickeln, Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH, Köln

Werner A. Leeb, (2010); Beitrag „Emotionen in der Führung“ in Loseblattwerk PersonalEntwickeln, Wolters Kluwer Deutschland GmbH, Köln

Leeb, W./Trenkle B./Weckenmann, M. (2011); Der Realitätenkellner – Hypnosystemische Konzepte in Beratung, Coaching und Training (Arbeitstitel); Carl-Auer-Systeme Verlag, Heidelberg

Werner A. Leeb (2013); Beitrag „Problemlösung und Urteilsbildung im Coaching“ in Coaching-Praxis, Hrsg.: Werner Vogelauer; Julius Beltz Verlag, Weinheim 2013

Werner A. Leeb/Nusret Kilercioglu (2013); Beitrag „Executive Coaching“ in Coaching Praxis; Hrsg.: Werner Vogelauer; Julius Beltz Verlag, Weinheim 2013

Werner A. Leeb (2014); Beitrag „Möglichkeiten und Grenzen mediativer Verfahren“ in Mut zur Konfliktlösung – Praxisfälle der Organisationsmediation (Hrsg.: E. Huber), Cocadora Verlag Stuttgart 2014

Articles in Trigon Themen
Werner A. Leeb (2002): Presencing – Soziale Technologie der Freiheit im Gespräch mit Claus Otto Scharmer, in: Trigon Themen 2/2002
Werner A. Leeb (2006); Fehler(management)kultur, in Trigon Themen 4/2006
Werner A. Leeb (2008): Emotionen in der Führung?!, in Trigon Themen 2/2008
Werner A. Leeb (2013): Testverfahren im Coaching, in Trigon Themen 2/2013